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 How to do if mobile phone screen failure ?

Most of the smartphones we use today are capacitive screens that use touch controls to manipulate the phone.So if our phone’s screen fails, the phone will become a brick.There are many reasons for the failure of the phone’s screen, such as static electricity on the surface of the mobile phone, dust, and excessive hand sweat, which can easily disable the phone’s screen.The failure of the phone screen will bring us great inconvenience.So what should we do then?Here are four ways to cope with your phone’s screen failure.


The first case: the software caused by the phone crash or fake crash

Sometimes when we use an APP on our phone, when we turn on the phone and suddenly it’s like a crash, the screen can not move, even though touch the screen it doesn’t react.This is just a temporary failure of the mobile phone, mainly because too much background APP leads to insufficient memory of the phone, and the phone needs more time to respond.At this point, we just open the task manager, which is to turn on the background interface (each phone has different operating methods), and turn off some apps in the background.Sometimes that doesn’t work, so we just press the power button and reboot the phone.If your phone have the HOME button, can be long press the HOME button + power button this way to make mobile phones restart, general can solve this kind of situation caused by the cell phone can’t touch.


Case 2: the screen failure caused by static electricity

Lots of friends may have had the experience of finding out how to move a screen without a screen when it comes out of a pocket or bag.If there is a call coming in, it will be very urgent.This is actually caused by friction in the pocket or in the bag, or by other waves of electromagnetic fields that temporarily disable the screen.What do we do at this time?You can use the palm of your hand to wipe the screen a few times, can remove static electricity to a large extent.If this doesn’t work, you can also use a little damp cloth to wipe the screen, because water can take away static electricity.Of course, there is also the method of using transparent tape, which can be carried away when the tape is opened.


Third condition: failure caused by missing or damaged system files

When you Root your android phone, you can change and delete the system files in your phone, sometimes causing a screen failure.In addition it is also possible in the process of system upgrade, because the network or no electricity, and so on.Suddenly, is easy to make system file is damaged, can cause the failure of the screen at this moment.At this time, we are going to use the phone to brush or reset, if possible, must pay attention to back up their important data.Although most of the current brush machine is very simple, but if it is a friend who has not operated, it is suggested that you can ask your friend to help with the operation.


In the fourth case, that is damaged by the hardware caused by the screen failure

After the phone has fallen or entered the water, it is easy to line the LCD screen, the touch IC caused the damage, the hardware type of damage,will make the screen failure, “drift” this problem. This time the best way to deal with is to give professional repair.

Finally, remind everybody, cell phone screen has six weakness: afraid of electrostatic, afraid of grease and dirt, afraid of high temperature, afraid of waves and magnetic fields, afraid of voltage instability, afraid of extrusion, we usually use the phone must pay attention to these Happening.Do you think your phone screen is vulnerable?Although these methods can solve the problem of cell phone screen failure to some extent, it is recommended that you should take good care of your mobile phone.


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