What is the reason for the screen warped? How to solve it?

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What is the reason for the screen warped?  How to solve it?

Mobile phone screen warped in the process of use, which seriously affected the appearance and use of mobile phones, so what caused it, how to solve it?The following is the introduction to the TP and the middle frame of the phone.

Warped screen

The reason why the phone is up

Mobile phones become warped screen is bad heat dissipation become warped edge, or the user for a long time to play games, often make mobile phones in high temperature environment, resulting in a decline in glue adhesive properties and glued down, the screen will appear fall off. In addition, the design of the mobile phone itself is not to be ruled out, resulting in the use of uneven force due to the appearance of the warped edge.


How to solve the warping problem

And encountered the warping problem, if it’s not affect the screen display, most of your friends will think about solving it, and using glue is the easiest way.In fact, if the phone is still under warranty, we recommend that you send it to repair or replace it.

If the phone has been protected, do not want to send to repair, while mobile phone screen warping is not very serious, then you can first try to use the phone’s own conditions to repair, conditional friends can go to buy a heating plate, and then the screen down, The temperature of the heating plate to 60-70 degrees or so, remember not too high, the temperature is too high may have an impact on the phone screen.

Using heating plate heating process, we can gently press the phone screen, the whole process according to the circumstances, but certainly not more than 10 minutes, this set of procedures done, if the phone is not a serious adhesive into the gray, the screen No serious changes, mobile phone should not become warped screen for a while.

If become warped screen already has a period of time, the screen into ash, we recommend find the strong experience friend to remove the whole screen, replace back glue, refer to the above steps again to heating of the screen, a fixed screen, if the conditions are not allowed to use the heating plate, can also choose to heat, but the effect on certainly be worse.

These are the reasons why IKEMI in ShenZhen has analyzed the reason why the mobile phone screen is warped and how to solve it. Hope can help everyone.



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