Need to know more details about iPhone LCD screen assembly?

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Need to know more details about iPhone LCD screen?

——–The secret of iPhone LCD screen assembly you must know

     Believe that everyone purchasing screens in China, will inquiry same questions:”what is your quality? Are you sure is this higher price for this quality?” Lots of you guys have received different rhetoric from various suppliers. But you yourselves do not really understand the products of screens. How should you do then?

     At present, there is hundreds of price in China market, however, there is no standard evaluation of quality . Therefore, we have to pay attention to more about quality when choosing business cooperation with suppliers.

     Today, our IKEMI will introduce the classification of the iPhone screen under the Chinese market.

LCD screen digitizer assembly for iPhone 1


     Currently there are six classification for iPhone LCD screen assembly:

  1. Full Original quality for iPhone LCD display digitizer

     Full original iPhone LCD digitizer is divided into full original new quality, refurbished new quality and refurbished with flaws quality.

     Let’s talk about full original new quality at first. Full original new quality, which means that all of materials is original and the screen is from Apple’s agent manufacture. This quality is currently the best quality on the market, especially, there is usually not enough stock and price is expensive base on the stock. For this quality, most of manufacture take over from Apply agent factory by special channel. As far as we know, the current price of iPhone 6s LCD screen full original new quality is sold for $58.4/pc.


     For this kind of quality, the advantage is:

  1. 100% original new products
  2. Quality is the best in the market
  3. Very stable function and not easy to damage
  4. Long time service life
  5. Defection rate is zero in normal circumstances


  1. Price is higher
  2. No warranty (Once it’s tested perfectly, it will not have problem. Some of company provide 3 months – 1 year warranty)


     Several years ago, when the high copy quality has not been developed stronger, this full original new quality is very popular, although price is higher, it is basically in short supply. But for now, probably because of high price or market’s demand, more and more customers don’t choose this kind of quality. Regarding to this quality, the main purchasing areas are in North America and Europe.

original iphone LCD screen

     Relatively new full original LCD screen, the new refurbished screens are still popular by buyers, especially some of repairers, because the quality of price is relatively lower. Although it’s refurbish, the appearance effect is still very good, and quality is also passed by strictly testing.

     As the refurbish with flaws, namely is the screens have a little bit flaws with small dot, scratch or marks. This kind of products usually useful for few area, because of cheap price, comfortable color effect and hard to see flaws from A quality.

     Full original new, Refurbish and Refurbish with flaws


  1. LCM + front glass LCD screen display for iPhone

     The screens is composed of the original LCM and glass, LCM is the part of screen that without glass and frame.

     There are two kinds of quality on the market at present. One is composed of LCM with original glass, another is composed of LCM with copy glass. The first of quality is very good, with waterproof and beautiful appearance effect. But compared with the genuine original, you can feel different and sometimes looks different smoothness ( Professional technician can tell )

     This price of quality is not very better than full new original LCD screens, in addition to the full new original quality, this price of LCM with front glass LCD display is lower, and quality is the best. Due to the various quality of front glass come out on the market, the original with changed glass’s LCD screen quality absolutely different by vendors. Word is harvestless, you can feel for yourself.


  1. FOG quality of LCD screen assembly digitizer for iPhone

     The screens is made from FOG, backlight and glass. Perhaps most of people is very strange about FOG, even many suppliers do not understand also. This quality is often posing as the original with changed glass(The second quality).

     Therefore, what is the reason some of vendor’s price is so low, and some price is higher. Here IKEMI tell you the true, this product is also divided into a variety of quality because of the different backlight and front glass. It’s a common quality in the market. In a nutshell, this is also called original quality.

original and copy LCD screen for iPhone


  1. Original material LCD screen assembly for iPhone

     The screens is made from original LCD, original IC, original (copy) flex and front glass. Here tell you know is not OEM LCD screen for iPhone quality. This price is the lowest than other above price of original quality. In the past, some of our customers often ask me price and products for the first time, and then they ask to say:” I bought this original products lower or lower than yours, why is yours so expensive?” At that time i took a picture shared with them, the result they said:” I got the products exactly the same as in your picture”. Ok fine, i explained to them one by one, because they are not very understand the professional knowledge, it cost for a long time to let them know details description of LCD screen.

     So what i m trying to say, copy flex can be engraved with logo, what else can not be provide?

     Finally let’s sum up, we talked about four kinds of quality, these above can be simply called original quality. But almost every quality have different price. IKEMI just tell you know that screens are very complex products on the market. You should choose a reliable and real supplier when purchasing products in China, which is very important for looking for long-term cooperation.

     At now, let’s talk about high copy quality for iPhone LCD screen.

     Believe that all of you are familiar with iPhone high copy LCD screen. This is a hot sale quality in the market.


  1. High copy quality of LCD screen

     It’s composed of totally copy material, such as copy material for LCD, flex cable, backlight, IC, front glass. There are Tianma, BOE, AUO, Shenchao and Longteng and so on. At present lots of customers like Tianma, then AUO and Shenchao. Of course, Longteng also is popular, but they only have for 5 series. Shenchao 5 series quality is not better than Tianma. That is meaning there is only 5 copy quality in the market?

     In fact, although the LCD is from the same brand, but because of flex, front glass, backlight from different manufacture, meanwhile, the Full-Lamination technology is different from the factories, even the same brand, also has not same quality.

     For example, copy backlight is thicker than copy backlight, as far as copy backlight, the thickness of good quality is 0.8 – 0.9mm, however, some of backlight’ s thickness is 1.0mm or more, moreover,  if the screw is not tightened when install copy screens on the phone, you will see the screens stick out. Especially for the backlight of iPhone 4G and iPhone 6G. Additional, the backlight of iPhone 6s is higher weight than iPhone 6G, because there is 3D touch function, there is a layer of gravity, if the LCD screen’s backlight quality is not good and the adhesive is not original, it will easily to take frame separate from screen when during the transportation. This is also the reason why some of copy price is cheaper in the market.

high copy LCD screen digitizer assembly for iPhone

     Regarding to the copy quality details, we IKEMI will update related articles on our website blog consecutively.



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